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Black Wa$p has released Albums on Major Legal Digital Download Centers @ AppleiTunes, Sonyconnect, MSN Music Store, and the like. Black Wa$p has secured the finest up & coming artist in the Metro Detroit Area.  Black Wa$p is no stranger to great talent, as his former experience with Eminem and D12 indicate.  Now,  Black Wa$p is blessed to be given the chance to introduce the world to even more musical greatness thanks to Digital Online Distributor IODA who provides Black Wa$p Link to these various Online Centers. Visit your favorite Online Center today to preview and download all Black Wa$p Albums: Black Wa$p The Epidemic, Super Block Nasty New and Swazy, Betta Made Volumes 1 and 2, Cz self-titled debut, and coming soon expect to find more Black Wa$p projects by Ratt, Confidence, Showtyme, Mackadamion, Mellenium, 10piece, The Wa$p Angels, OJ, Metaphysic, Lisa, and Obinna from Nigeria to name a few.
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Lisa Marie Pizana- Pop Opera Charts #3 @ Japan’s Apple iTunes

Lisa Marie Pizana, successful classical performer in Television, Theatre, & Stage is currently experiencing Success with her first professional recording charting #3 @ Japan’s Apple itunes. Lisa Marie Pizana clinging to her classical roots captures the elegance from the musical CAROUSEL with her Soprano Vocals Singing the lyrics written by Oscar Hammerstein in the song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, Accompaniment by Accomplished Classical Pianist Muriel Bennett Blazer, playing the music by Richard Rodgers.

Lisa Marie Pizana, Born in the Philippines, Yes, The Philippines!, While her father was stationed there for Diplomatic Duties from the USA. Lisa Marie Pizana now resides near the U.S. Capital, A Rich Area for Classical Culture. It is to no surprise to numerous colleagues and friends that Lisa Marie Pizana is experiencing such success. They know she has worked hard and continues to contribute to the growth of her genre.

Pop Opera, as the title of this EP, speaks to Lisa Marie Pizana’s belief that her unique contribution’s to the genre, will be significant to popularize “classical” to mainstream listners.

The Gap between Pop and Opera is further bridged by Lisa Marie Pizana in her blend of urban beats with her Accomplished Elegant Soprano Voice, in a track that has gained approval by 50+ DJ’s given an exclusive 1st Listen to the phenomenal track titled “Dance”. Interestingly, no DJ placed this song in any 1 Genre. Yet, suggestions abound requesting to hear Lisa Marie Pizana Vocals over some House/Techno Beats. Standby guys and gals this will definitely be a busy summer!

Look for Lisa Marie Pizana to Record A full Album to be released Summer of 2006. Also, look for Lisa Marie Pizana to record a Classical Christmas Album in time for the 2006 Christmas Season. Download, Lisa Marie Pizana- Pop Opera @ www.itunes.com or visit http://www.blackwasphive.com

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Lunapark are Polina Golubkova (21, vocals) & Dmitry Demchenko (21, guitars, keys, lyrics, music). There is also a third member Oleksa Volinsky (22) who creates drums & bass. Between the members, personal influences range from Avril Lavigne, Dido and Joan Osborne to Keane, James Blunt or Nickelback. Combination of tastes, perception of music & skills of members create Lunapark’s music. They use to call it Rock’a’Pop style. Sensitive voice, sometimes calm, sometimes powerful with unusual soft timbre…enchantingly melodies & emotions of love… happyness in all its variety… If you close your eyes, while listening to their music, you will find yourself in the world of colourful images and love, full of bright and light emotions… calm happyness… Lunapark’s songs are finished with modern pop-rock sound. Polina, Dmitry and Oleksa were friends long before they became Lunapark. Dmitry met Oleksa on the party dedicated to finishing the record of the band called dominion (Dmitry’s first band). Many beer, conversations about music… and the next day they tried to play together. They were both pleasently surprised with the result. Polina & Dmitry knew each other since school. Once Polina stayed in Italy at her friends. There she took part in singers competition, just for fun. And to her own surprise she won. When Polina came home, they play together and the result was amazing. “I write songs based on my owm emotions and life situations” – Dmitry says. And Polly adds. “There is always a place for positive way of thinking and accepting things in our life. Music is something that comes from the inside” In 2005 Lunapark had a chance to work with a famous british producer Fran Ashcroft, who’s credits include such bands as Damon Albarn (Gorrilaz), Dandy Warhols and others. “We have sent him a demo-cd” – Dmitry remembered – “He liked our music and proposed to work together”. The result was “PopSong / BeatifullStares” single. This cooperation brought Lunapark’s music to a brand new level. Finally it contributed to signing the digital distribution deal with Black Wasp LLC/IODA (USA company ran by former manager of Eminem’s Band D12). And a record deal with Clearstream records (USA). Visit us online @ www.myspace.com/lunapark2 .